RNSNZ Conference 2020 - videos and photos

16 October 2020 @ 8:30 am - 19 October 2020 @ 5:00 pm

The Wellington Club, Level 4, 88 The Terrace, Wellington

The Society’s third international conference was held from Friday 16 October 2020 to Monday 19 October 2020. 

The conference offered a mix of live speakers from within New Zealand and remote or recorded presentations from speakers overseas. The conference operated three concurrent streams for most of the first day, with a specific focus on medals for the first, ancients for the second, and banknotes, coins and tokens for the third, with at least one "live" presenter speaking in each time slot.

Conference photos can be seen here:


09:00 - Official Opening

09:15 - Tom Hockenhull, "Subversive designs - the Czechoslovak Crown Coin" (Medals and Coins)

10:00 - Andrew Clifford, "Giants and Titans of the Bank of England and UK Treasury" (Banknotes)

A recording of the opening sessions can be seen here:


11:00 - Dr Gil Davis, "Silver Isotopes and the Rise of Money" (Ancients)

11:30 - Dr Ken Sheedy, "The Coinage of Sparta" (Ancients)

12:00 - Charlotte Mann, "A model of liberality: military patronage and imperial power under Antoninus Pius" (Ancients)

02:00 - Christian Cuello, "Minting Victory: symbols of authority, legitimacy and power in the barbarian coinage of Late Antiquity" (Ancients)

02:30 - Rachel Mansfield, "The influences of culture on city coins; a discussion of iconography on city coins from the coast of the southern Levant in the Severan period" (Ancients)

The recording of Gil Davis, Ken Sheedy and Charlotte Mann failed, but the presentations of Chritian Cuello and Rachel Mansfield can be viewed here:


03:30 - "Ancient coins in the collections of New Zealand Universities" - Dr Jeremy Armstrong, Dr Alison Griffith, Dr Hamish Cameron and Dr Gwynaeth McIntyre

The recording of the presentations of this session may be viewed here:


11:00 - Paul Bicknell, "Leonard Cornwall Mitchell's New Zealand 1940 Centennial Half-crown" (Coins)

11:30 - Bob Haese, "High-grade New Zealand Banknotes"

The recording of these two speakers failed.

01:30 - David Mee AFANS, "Crecy, Coinage and Consequences" (Coins)

02:00 - Angie Kidd, "Sovereign Cases" (Tokens)

02:30 - Robert Tonner, "Rare New Zealand Banknotes"

The recording of the presentations of David Mee, Angie Kidd and Robert Tonner may be viewed here:


03:30 - Mike Carter, "The Precision Engineering Company Tokens"

04:00 - Ross Kidd, "Wanganui Cosmopolitan Club Tokens"

04:30 - Hamish MacMaster FRNSNZ, "Persian coins through the ages" (Coins)

The recording of Mike Carter's, Ross Kidd's and Hamish MacMaster's presentations may be viewed here:


11:00 - Christopher Mellor-Hill, "The Slavers War" (Medals)

11:30 - WGCDR Mark Brewer, "Martineau VC - The New Zealand Army's Forgotten Victoria Cross" (Medals)

12:00 - Gregor Macaulay, "New Zealand and the Display of Chivalric Status" (Medals)

02:00 - Maj. Gen. Prof. John Pearn AO GCStJ RFD, "The Numismatic Heritage of Captain James Cook: New Medals as a witness of reconciliation" (Medals)

02:30 - Lt Col John O'Reilly MNZM, "Named to the ship: the First World War medals to HMS Philomel" (Medals)

03:30 - Phil Beattie, "The Twenty-fourth Cross" (Medals)

04:00 - John Wills KStJ, "Newly introduced awards to the Tongan Police" (Medals)

04:30 - Dr David Dickens, "The name behind the medal: Indian Mutiny Medals named to Indians" (Medals)

Recordings are not available for the Medals stream presentations.

MONDAY 19 October

09:00 - Dr Andy Cook, "The politics of British decimalisation"

09:30 - Dr Mark Stocker, "The art and design of British decimalisation"

10:00 - Trevor Wilkin, "Malta: the George Cross island; banknote issues of World War II"

Recordings of the opening session of Day 2 may be viewed here:


11:00 - Owen Linzmayer, "The challenges in creating a new catalogue"

11:45 - Maj. Gen. Prof. John Pearn AO GCStJ RFD, "Healthcare Numismatics: the most enduring record of medical history"

Recordings of these presentations may be viewed here:


01:30 - Christian Hawkesby, "The future of New Zealand's currency: cash less, not cashless"

02:15 - Antony Harris, "The New Zealand commemorative coin programme, 2020 and 2021"

Recordings of these presentations may be viewed here:


03:30 - Robert Pepping, "Bank of New Zealand Banknotes, 1861-1934"

04:00 - Lois Ion, "Pukaki: transition from man to carving to coin; Mauri and obligation"

04:30 - Prof. Brett Delahunt KStJ ONZM GCLJ FRSNZ FRNSNZ, "The Sea Gallantry Medal"

The final three presentations of the conference may be viewed here:


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