Member Benefits

Members of the Society enjoy a range of benefits, many of which are available to all members, should they reside in Wellington or not.

Benefits include

  • The New Zealand Numismatic Journal free to members
  • Regular newsletters (usually two per year)
  • Access to the full website (which includes electronic access to the NZNJ, the newsletters, other articles, comprehensive numismatic links, photo album, and comment/discussion facility
  • Monthly Wellington meetings
  • Timely information on the latest events in New Zealand numismatics
  • Access to a wealth of numismatic information: library, newsletters, NZNJ, and the expertise and experience of members
  • Participation in regional events with Wanganui Numismatic Society
  • Participation in occasional major events (e.g. 2006 RNSNZ and WCC anniversary convention, 2014 Conference, 2017 Joint NSA and RNSNZ Conference and 2020 Conference)
  • Being a part of a numismatic society with a national identity

The Society provides, from time to time, an advocacy role for New Zealand numismatics, and provides public information on numismatic events and happenings (e.g., the “coin frenzy” associated with the 2004 5 cent coin). Your membership helps support these efforts to foster a national interest in numismatics and to improve conditions for collectors.